8 Technologies Poised to Disrupt US Healthcare in 2017 and Beyond | HIT Consultant

Technology is about change just about everything in healthcare—here’s how.

The future of healthcare is happening right now. While that future is just barely forming, we are beginning to see how technology is now scratching the surface of an entirely different landscape when it comes to healthcare delivery both within and outside of the U.S.

According to PwC Health Research Institute’s annual report, 2017 is the year to prepare for the arrival of several technologies poised to disrupt the industry. This myriad of tech-driven innovation will impact just about everything from supply chain and operations to business models and essential healthcare management practices and procedures. Here’s a look at report’s eight proposed technologies poised with the potential to change it all:

3. Blockchain

Blockchain is being hailed as the next frontier in healthcare that will likely assist in resolving some of the industry’s challenges with interoperability, but what is it? Emerging in 2009 as the foundation for trading the digital currency bitcoin, blockchain is a permanent record of online transactions and exchanges that can be shared among network computers. Instead of a centrally located database, the online ledger is distributed to networks; each transaction is secured via cryptography and has to be approved and verified by those networks.

The exponential growth of blockchain applications could create the privacy and security that the industry has been looking for when it comes to managing data from hospitals, doctors, and insurance companies. That data includes information from electronic health records (EHRs), monitoring systems and IoT (internet of things) devices. Blockchain’s function could greatly enhance the integration of telemedicine and population health management (PHM) practices in healthcare. However, most blockchain technology is still in the early stages of development and not ready for mainstream deployment in healthcare, according to article published by Tierion.

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