UC Berkeley leverages Bitmark blockchain for public health studies – EconoTimes

Taiwanese startup Bitmark Inc has announced that it will fund UC Berkeley School of Public Health research fellows to conduct studies using its blockchain technology.

The startup has partnered with UC Berkeley to empower individuals to donate their personal data to advance public health. This initiative would mark the first public application of the Bitmark system.

The Bitmark system structures and converts personal data into a digital property by issuing property titles, or “bitmarks”, which serves as a permanent record of the ownership history for its property by recording each transfer of ownership in the open-source Bitmark blockchain. This ownership history safeguards the authenticity of the data and its access to digital property. Researchers publicly link their identities to their accounts so that donors can trust them. Transparency and accountability are extremely high and both parties can independently track the data provenance, the company explained.

“Our phones and Fitbits track our steps, calories, sleep cycles, and more. This data is empowering and helps improve our wellbeing. It can also aid research in myriad areas. Through our partnership with UC Berkeley, we all can become data philanthropists and help advance public health,” Sean Moss-Pultz, CEO, Bitmark Inc. said.

More at: UC Berkeley leverages Bitmark blockchain for public health studies – EconoTimes


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