Why you need to pay attention to precision medicine – Managed Healthcare Executive

One million Americans. That’s the number of people Eric Topol, MD, chief academic officer at San Diego-based Scripps Health and the author of “The Patient Will See You Now: The Future of Medicine is in Your Hands,” wants to include in a four-year precision medicine study he plans to conduct; he anticipates that study participants will be part of follow-up for many decades to come.

Topol told Managed Healthcare Executive that he’s excited about this study because it’s going to leverage patient-generated genomic and sensor-based data. His goal? To deliver patient-specific information that will provide a level of granularity never before seen in medicine.

. . .

There’s an increasing amount of data being generated about patients, and Topol said he wanted to get to a future state where patients truly own all of their medical data. Because of the recent spate of data breaches at health systems, he said that the appropriate place for this data to reside is with patients. He suggested that blockchain technology, a storage platform for securing data in a way that also allows users to control who has access to that data, or a private cloud could be the appropriate repository for this information.

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