User Interface – The Missing Link to Mainstream Adoption of Blockchain – The Cointelegraph

Any given technology can only be said to have achieved mainstream adoption when it becomes employable by the regular public without any specialized skill or expertise.

The decentralized nature of the Blockchain is applauded for its openness and availability to anyone who wishes to participate in the ecosystem. However, as is currently obtainable in most cases, only individuals with certain abilities, especially those capable of reading and interpreting computer codes, are really capable of maximizing the potential of most Blockchain resources.

The next wave of applications

Creating user interfaces that can enable the easy application of Blockchain solutions without any special coding skills or extra computer language specialization appears to be an important aspect of industry development if Blockchain is to go mainstream.

Michael Vogel, CEO of Netcoins, confirms:

“This is part of the next wave of Bitcoin and Blockchain applications. Blockchain technology has now proven itself incredibly useful and valuable for a variety of applications, and developers are now working away on creating these applications. One such application could be Blockchain-based accounting systems, where accountants can create and access financial reports on the Blockchain – as a user-facing application where no coding skills are necessary.”

More at: User Interface – The Missing Link to Mainstream Adoption of Blockchain – The Cointelegrapn


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