GSA looks to bring AI to proposal reviews – GCN

The General Services Administration wants to streamline the FASlane review process for new proposals by using distributed ledger technology, automated machine learning and/or artificial intelligence to review and exchange information.

According to a request for quotations, GSA seeks a design and proof of concept for intelligent automation that will reduce the amount of time humans spend reviewing new proposal documents, improve offeror experience and speed the time to award. GSA also said it will implement an electronic data interchange for offeror registration, contract maintenance, transactions, auditing and reporting.

To create at a “single source of truth,” the solution must automate the process except for proposal rejection or contract award — from the time a vendor opts into the program, through review of contractor responsibility, pricing and market research, issuance of offer letters and price negotiation. That automation requires configuring smart contracts based on multiple decision rules and workflows as well as providing interim evaluation results for new proposals.

More at: GSA looks to bring AI to proposal reviews – GCN


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