Blockchain Startup ChromaWay to Launch ‘Hybrid Database’ Product – CoinDesk

Swedish blockchain startup ChromaWay has announced a new distributed database product called Postchain.

Revealed today at the Money2020 Europe in Copenhagen, ChromaWay positioned the new technology as one that would combine the benefits of an SQL database, while adding elements of blockchain technology.

While that may sound antithetical to its past blockchain work, ChromaWay CEO Henrik Hjelte instead framed the product as one that was perhaps more in line with the needs of enterprise companies.

“We can do the implementation directly in your database, but you get the same security properties as a federated blockchain. Postchain is one implementation of that idea,” Hjelte said.

A benefit, according to the CEO, is that Postchain works with established enterprise database systems like Oracle and Microsoft, or open-source databases like PostgreSQL, he said.

Hjelte told CoinDesk:

“Blockchain is often described as a database, but when you look at it, it’s not really suitable for storing and retrieving data in the same way a relational database is. Blockchain, the core idea is a linked list of transactions, but a database is designed to have certain properties for managing information over a long time.”

Source: Blockchain Startup ChromaWay to Launch ‘Hybrid Database’ Product – CoinDesk


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