GSA ramps up blockchain exploration — GCN

When the General Services Administration’s Justin Herman launched a pilot program for virtual assistants in April, he did not expect more than six agencies to be interested. Today, 27 agencies have submitted potential uses cases for artificial intelligence-based personal assistants to GSA’s GitHub repository.

Herman, who leads GSA’s Emerging Citizen Technology Program Office, is already working on his next pilot program to bring blockchain into the federal government space. On July 18, Herman’s office will be hosting the U.S. Federal Blockchain Forum to collect potential use cases for blockchain and determine how the tech would work in the public sector when it comes to resources, policy and compliance.

 “We launched the U.S. government blockchain community a couple of weeks ago, and it now includes more than 100 managers across the federal space, state and local blockchain program managers and White House advisors as well as the Congressional Blockchain Caucus,” Herman told GCN.

Herman’s office was designed to help government agencies create tangible use cases for technologies that are reaching a tipping point. “Through the Emerging Citizen Technology Program, we are putting together governmentwide initiatives that are uniting agencies to start building a roadmap to identify the new resources, policies, guidance and relationships in a way that ultimately deliver the best services for American taxpayers,” he said.

More at: GSA ramps up blockchain exploration — GCN


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