The data protection breakthrough – Information Age

The new system – IBM Z – includes a breakthrough encryption engine that makes it possible to encrypt essentially all data

IBM has today announced a data encryption breakthrough, which makes it possible to protect all data/all the time for entire cloud services, applications and data bases in one click — to take on both the global data breach epidemic and a surge in government regulation.

It’s set to be its most significant system, but necessary, overhaul from IBM in more than 15 years: IBM Z. In 2016, more than 4 billion data records stolen or lost, a 556% increase over 2015 – a major factor in the $8 trillion cybercrime impact on the global economy by 2022. Of the 9 billion records breached the past 5 years, only 4% were encrypted. Even with rise of cloud data centres – no progress has been made encrypting data at any scale because it is difficult and expensive.

At the same time, the technology giant has announced the creation of 6 blockchain dedicated data centres based on the new mainframe capabilities. This represents the biggest re-invention and expansion of its mainframe technology since it re-made the platform to virtualise Linux and open source software 15 years ago -today these open workloads are about 50% of the IBM Z business.

More at: The data protection breakthrough – Information Age


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