Filecoin ICO Release next week – Solving token sale issues – Ethereum World News

Launching Next Week, Aims To Resolve Token Sale Problems

In the middle of the hype around initial coin offerings — the fundraising phenomenon that has raised $1.2 billion in crowdsales this year for new projects, many of them little more than white papers — there are serious entrepreneurs focused on building transformative technology.

Their vision is usually of a decentralized internet dubbed Web 3.0. While it’s not entirely clear what this next-generation web will look like or whether it will actually come to fruition — the early days of the internet were full of idealistic visions of peer-to-peer communication, and now everyone talks to each other on centralized platforms like Google, Facebook and iMessage — one emerging hypothesis is that one of the earliest pieces of it to be built will be a decentralized infrastructure layer.

One prime example of infrastructure is data storage, which has several projects competing to take on the likes of Amazon Web Services — all of them doing so with a native cryptocurrency or token that incentivizes each actor in the network to engage in various acts such as offering storage on the network or paying for disk space.

One of the most anticipated of these, Filecoin, launches its token sale, which features some innovative design choices, next Thursday, July 27 –

 “The amount of storage that is out there that is not in use is enormous,” says Juan Benet, founder of Protocol Labs,

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