Illinois blockchain pilots take shape – GCN

Late last year, the Illinois Department of Innovation & Technology announced plans to bring together state and local agencies on pilots to explore blockchain technology. Now, the Illinois Blockchain Initiative (IBI) is moving ahead on five use cases to determine how industry and government can work together to improve government services.

The use cases involve using blockchain to secure land title registries, validate academic credentials, register health providers, create a marketplace for energy credits and secure vital records.  To build support for the projects, the IBI is taking a three-prong approach: light-touch regulation, community building through education and outreach, and the integration of the technology through use cases.

“With this three-prong approach, we have a strategy where we are cognizant of some of the barriers to entry, but we are providing regulatory support to ensure that we are building out a community for the technology that can translate into commercial purposes,” Jennifer O’Rourke, business liaison for the IBI, told GCN.

More at: Illinois blockchain pilots take shape – GCN


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