Blockchains may come into their own in industrial companies – The Irish Times

Leading expert says Ireland can be top centre for the secure transaction technology

Secure transaction technology blockchain has been hailed as something that will revolutionise financial services, but its biggest impact could be in manufacturing industry, with many of the world’s biggest companies set to introduce it shortly.

That’s according to Paul Brody, who previously led IBM’s attempt to create a blockchain-based architecture for connecting devices in the Internet of Things (IoT) space. He then jumped ship to become global innovation leader for blockchain technology at consulting firm EY two years ago.

Speaking to The Irish Times on a recent visit to Dublin, he also said Ireland could position itself to become a leading centre for blockchain if the Government did more to embrace the technology.

Brody admits to being something of an evangelist for blockchain. While the technology may well lead to widespread transformation of the global banking system, he says it could serve a much wider role, including helping to facilitate trade in a post-Brexit environment.

“Blockchains are the single most secure information technology that has ever been invented. And the pace of innovation in terms of the tech is among the fastest I have seen in my whole career”.

More at: Blockchains may come into their own in industrial companies – The Irish Times


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