Visa, Microsoft, and IBM Are All Hiring Blockchain Developers – Futurism


IBM, Microsoft, USAA, and Visa are all searching for blockchain developers as of this week. These job openings signal the increasing importance of the technology and showcase some of the roles and projects that will be changing our society in the near future.


Good news for programmers well-versed in the ways of the blockchainIBMMicrosoftUSAA, and Visa are all searching for blockchain developers to join their teams right now, according to ads listed on their respective websites.

According to IBM’s job listing, the company is seeking out “Consultant Developers” with experience on one or more blockchain platform, citing Ethereum, Hyperledger, and Ripple specifically, but also indicating that “equivalent proprietary platform experience” might also be considered. They are not particular about whether the developer has UX, backend, or full-stack experience.

Meanwhile, Microsoft is looking for a “Principal Program Manager.” This person will “develop a deep understanding of how customers use distributed ledger technologies as well as compute, storage, database, and networking services in Azure to architect their applications.”

More at: Visa, Microsoft, and IBM Are All Hiring Blockchain Developers – Futurism


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