Healthcare Blockchain Frameworks Emerge as Demand Rises –

Healthcare blockchain is gaining traction as a future information exchange tool as vendors and organizations release frameworks for implementation.

August 10, 2017 – Microsoft announced the release of its Coco Framework to reduce the complexity of operational and security needs present in many healthcare blockchain implementations.

The framework aims to provide organizations with a steady guide on how to build and deploy a blockchain network as IT infrastructures continue to digitally transform.

Blockchain is the exchange of information between nodes (e.g., users, organizations) via a shared database without the regulation of a third party controlling the data through a single silo. It leads to the creation of a trusted history of transactions between organizations sharing data.

Each transaction between organizations consists of a block, which holds the data from the current transaction along with a hash linking back to the previous transaction, thus creating a chain. Every transaction is documented and users cannot go back and alter past data.

Blockchain is emerging as a secure way to share clinical data and PHI because it eliminates the need for organizations to trust the entities with which they are exchanging information. However, the technology currently lacks the standardization necessary for widescale healthcare deployment.

More at: Healthcare Blockchain Frameworks Emerge as Demand Rises –


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