Breaking down blockchain: The supply chain ledger – Retail Week

“Paid for post from Oracle Technology Blog”      May 10, 2018

Blockchain is set to transform how retailers do business and bring transparency to all stages of the supply chain.

Over the past few months, I have been researching the exciting world of blockchain and learning about this technology. I believe that the use of blockchain could create an entirely new eco-system of commerce and transacting across the world, and across all industries.

I am looking at blockchain through the eyes of a retailer and at how this new world can shape the future business model for retailing.

The basic premise of blockchain is as a decentralised, open ledger of information (to permitted participants), where the data is held on many distributed ledgers around the world.

All ledgers hold the same information for the data in question and any changes to this data are trackable, with all ledgers carrying the same copy of the data, enabling transparency and trust across the network.

More at: Breaking down blockchain: The supply chain ledger – Retail Week

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