Harvard’s Experfy Launches ICO for Blockchain Education Platform – Blockchain News

By Ken Silva      May 31, 2018

With underlying tech pioneered by data and analytics marketplace Experfy, in the Harvard Innovation Lab, the Cayman Islands-based Expercoin is launching an initial coin offering (ICO), with a private presale beginning on June 1, to help build a decentralized education platform.

According to Expercoin, its platform will use blockchain technology to support upskilling, assessments, mentorships, and peer-to-peer financial aid.

Having built a leading AI-powered platform that combines work and upskilling for Fortune 500s, the Experfy team is now launching Expercoin, which will decentralize its technology stack through a new corporate entity, the company stated.

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Virginia Tech to build blockchain-focused curriculum – edscoop

By Ryan Johnston      May 29, 2018

Virginia Tech’s McBryde Hall, home to the university’s Department of Computer Science, which will soon offer classes in blockchain technology. (Idawriter/Wikimedia Commons)


With the help of a $3 million investment, Virginia Tech’s computer science department will create a blockchain-focused curriculum, marking the university’s first foray into studying the much-hyped technology.

Beginning this fall, students in computer science will be exposed to elements of blockchain technology in their courses and research projects, said Cal Ribbens, head of the Department of Computer Science. Blockchains are decentralized, electronic, distributed ledgers that can display multi-party transactions on a public record, granting an inherently high level of security and organization.

Virginia Tech is expected to launch two to three new blockchain-focused courses over the next year, Ribbens told EdScoop, culminating in what he believes to be the nation’s first undergraduate minor in blockchain technology within the next two years.

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How Millionaire Jeremy Gardner Built The Largest Blockchain Education Network Around The World – Forbes Social Entrepreneurs #NewTech

By Robin Shulman, Contributor      February 16, 2018

Jeremy Gardner is an American cryptocurrency​ entrepreneur based in San Francisco​. He currently lives in the Crypto Castle, and is known for many areas regarding blockchain. However, when most people think of the word blockchain, they typically don’t associate it with education.

If you’ve ever wondered where many of the blockchain companies are coming from, look no further than the Blockchain Education Network.

Gardner has spread the word through education and universities. He’s the founder of the The Blockchain Education Network (College Cryptocurrency Network), a 501(c)3 nonprofit.

According to BEN’s site: BEN is made up of students and alumni across the world who are creating bitcoin and blockchain clubs on their academic campuses. By exploring this socioeconomic experiment within the safety of their peers, students build new expectations and innovations. In aggregate, the combined effort of all these clubs creates a rich web of interconnected blockchain hubs across the world. Impact global evolution through local your initiatives.

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Federation of State Medical Boards taps blockchain for verification of academic credentials – EconoTimes

November 7, 2017

The Federation of State Medical Boards (FSMB) has issued official documents using blockchain technology.

The organization issued sample verifications of undergraduate and graduate medical education credentials as part of a pilot of Learning Machine blockchain records issuing system. In the recent past, MIT and University of Melbourne have issued academic credentials using Learning Machine’s technology.

“Verification of medical education and related credentials is a critically important endeavor, and we are hopeful that the continued success of this pilot may provide the level of certainty needed to implement blockchain technologies in the medical licensing and credentialing process,” said Michael Dugan, Chief Information Officer at the FSMB.

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University of Arkansas’ First Blockchain Hackathon Surpasses Expectations – The University Network

By Susan Chu    November 6, 2017

Where was the cotton grown in the jeans you are wearing? Where was the chicken raised that you will use in that grilled chicken salad tonight? Answers to both questions can readily be had through the use of blockchain, as students quickly discovered at the first blockchain hackathon hosted by the Sam M. Walton College of Business at the University of Arkansas.

The event surpassed expectations, according to Professor Zach Steelman from the Department of Information Systems at the Walton College, who was instrumental in bringing this blockchain hackathon to campus.

“We could not have hoped for a better outcome,” he said in a statement.

The event began on the evening of Oct. 27 (Friday) and concluded the following afternoon.

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Wharton MBA: Blockchain Course Set for Spring 2018 – Cryptovest

By Christine Masters    November 6, 2017

The MBA at Wharton School of Business has added a course outlining blockchain technologies and the power of a distributed ledger. The FNCE-885 course on Fintech outlines the link between financial techniques and new technologies, and one of the major points is “blockchain and distributed ledgers”.

“In each of these areas, we start by analyzing the marketplace, and the incumbents, and the business case and strategies of the incoming technology-based players, while understanding the role data and analytics play in driving the technology-based services,” the course description states.

Besides Princeton and Stanford, a few smaller, innovative schools offer exposure to blockchain knowledge. But while most courses focus on the programming and technical sides, Wharton is unique for explaining the financing potential of blockchain firms, arming the business leaders of tomorrow would be armed with tools to join the world of cryptocurrencies to mainstream finance.

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Australian University Allows Students to Earn Ethereum from Campus Purchases – The Cointelegraph

By Joshua Althauser    October 19, 2017

An Australian university has partnered with Blockchain startup to offer Ethereum-based rewards program. Students at the University of New South Wales (UNSW) will soon be able to earn Ether tokens for purchases made on-campus. The program runs from October 6 to November 20, 2017.

According to the startup’s managing director, Andrew Lowe, they are excited to monitor how the student members will respond to the program due to the sharp rise in the value of Ethereum.

“Last month, the value of Ether rose by 30%, so we’re excited to see how members respond to this type of loyalty currency vs. traditional approaches such as points. We’re confident they’ll find it much more engaging, but the research will give us a more definitive answer.”

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MIT Has Started Issuing Diplomas Using Blockchain Technology – Futurism

By Brad Jones    October 19, 2017


Since the school’s inception, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology has issued paper diplomas to over 200,000 students. This summer, a pilot program saw 111 graduates receive their credentials via a specially developed app, in addition to traditional means.

The Blockcerts Wallet app was developed by Learning Machine in conjunction with the MIT Registrar’s Office. It uses blockchain technology to give graduates easy access to verifiable, tamper-proof version of their diploma that they can share with potential employers.

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Australian University Issues Academic Credentials on a Blockchain – Cryptocoins News

By Samburaj Das    October 11, 2017

The University of Melbourne, a public Australian university, has become the first academic institution in the Asia-Pacific (APAC) region to issue recipient-owned academic credentials on a blockchain.

Following an early pilot first revealed in May, the University of Melbourne is now storing and issuing student records on a blockchain where recipients will be able to access their academic credentials on a mobile application. The open-source mobile app, available for iOS and Android, will facilitate students to store and share their academic credentials, the university announced.

Professor Gregor Kennedy, pro-vice chancellor of teaching and learning at the university revealed the institution is “very excited that its exploration of a new way of providing students with credentials was successful.”.

He added:

While we are entirely committed to existing degrees and awards that the University offers, we are also interested in exploring how we can build a more diverse credentialing ecosystem…Issuing credentials on the blockchain is a key component of this investigation.

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