Buterin To Devcon3: Sharding Will Boost Ethereum’s Efficiency – ETHNews.com

By Adam Reese    November 2, 2017

Ethereum’s founder told Devcon3 attendees that the platform’s developers are nearing completion of a sharding proof of concept and alluded to several other projects that are in the works.

Ethereum’s founder, Vitalik Buterin, addressed a crowd yesterday at the platform’s annual conference, Devcon, sharing his vision for the blockchain’s near-term future. The centerpiece of the speech was sharding, a process whereby data are partitioned into subsets; in the blockchain context, these smaller data packets can be stored on nodes that would otherwise have to store the entire history of all transactions across the network.

While the software that would enable this is still being developed, Buterin believes that this approach represents Ethereum’s most likely option for reducing transaction costs and processing times and enhancing scalability, which he identified as “probably problem number one” for the platform.

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The Long Term Vision of the ‘Blockchain Genius’ Revealed – Ethereum World News

By Alex Tomzack    November 2, 2017

The next big step for Ethereum’s technical development on a three-to-four year period roadmap has been unveiled by Vitalik Buterin – Devcon project creator and Ethereum co-founder.

The plans on which Buterin has been working quietly for some time now are called by him as a “modest proposal” at the heart of which stands a tech-change called “sharding” for ethereum’s blockchain.

As ethereum nodes need to store everything that ever happened on the network, Buterin stressed that there’s a need for solutions that mitigate expensive storage costs that could escalate exponentially as the system expands.

According to him the activity on the blockchain is reaching its limits against which Ethereum is running against.

“Scalability is probably problem number one […] There’s a graveyard of systems that claim to solve the scalability problem but don’t. It’s a very significant and hard challenge.
These are just known facts.”

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Last Laugh? Dilbert Creator Scott Adams Talks Plans for Token Launch – CoinDesk

By Brady Dale    October 31, 2017

When Scott Adams announced his company would embark on an initial coin offering (ICO) on his blog Friday, he wrote without sarcasm that the day might be one of the “biggest” of his life.

Quite the statement from the creator of the beloved Dilbert comic strip, readers may be surprised given Adams’ recent, pointed take on blockchain mania. But far from just lampooning the technology, Adams is gearing up to get firsthand experience of how it can be used for fundraising.

WhenHub – a time visualization firm co-founded by Adams – is now preparing to launch a token of its own, preceded by an offering of Simple Agreements for Future Tokens, or SAFTs.

The project, according to Adams, allows subject matter experts to sell small amounts of time to clients, who will consult in a Skype-like video call session over the platform, the WhenHub Interface Network (WIN). The new product will facilitate auctions and payments, a system that would be built on top of ethereum using smart contracts, taking the tedium out of payments and invoicing.

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Australian University Allows Students to Earn Ethereum from Campus Purchases – The Cointelegraph

By Joshua Althauser    October 19, 2017

An Australian university has partnered with Blockchain startup to offer Ethereum-based rewards program. Students at the University of New South Wales (UNSW) will soon be able to earn Ether tokens for purchases made on-campus. The program runs from October 6 to November 20, 2017.

According to the startup’s managing director, Andrew Lowe, they are excited to monitor how the student members will respond to the program due to the sharp rise in the value of Ethereum.

“Last month, the value of Ether rose by 30%, so we’re excited to see how members respond to this type of loyalty currency vs. traditional approaches such as points. We’re confident they’ll find it much more engaging, but the research will give us a more definitive answer.”

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[PHOTOS] Hacking the Decentralized Future – HuffPost

By Ben Arnon, Contributor    October 19, 2017

The world’s largest Ethereum hackathon took place last weekend in Waterloo, Canada. 400 developers from 32 countries across the globe descended upon the Ontario city to work on projects, some of which may have monumental impact upon the world.

Vitalik Buterin demonstrates a mathematical formula on the whiteboard during ETHWaterloo.

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