Trump’s Attorney General Jeff Sessions: ”Bitcoin is a big problem” – Bitcoin News

By C. Edward Kelso    October 20, 2017

President Donald Trump’s Attorney General, Jeff Sessions, testified before the Senate Committee on the Judiciary. The committee is given rather broad powers concerning federal criminal law and internet privacy. During a quick exchange, hours into the hearing, Mr. Sessions was asked about the “dark web.” His answers might foreshadow what’s ahead for digital privacy and bitcoin users.

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Gates Foundation Launches Blockchain-based Mobile Payments Solution

By Joshua Althauser    October 20, 2017

The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation has launched the Mojaloop open-source payments software to provide an interoperability layer between financial institutions, payment providers, and other companies offering payment services to the poor and unbanked people around the world.

The mobile payments system employs the Interledger technology that was developed by distributed ledger technology (DLT) startup Ripple.

According to the foundation’s deputy director of financial services for the poor, Kosta Peric, the new software is aimed at resolving the issues with respect to the interoperability of digital payments. He also issued an invitation to players in the banking and payments industries to test the system.

“Interoperability of digital payments has been the toughest hurdle for the financial services industry to overcome. With Mojaloop, our technology partners have finally achieved a solution that can apply to any service, and we invite banks and the payments industry to explore and test this tool.”

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Australian University Allows Students to Earn Ethereum from Campus Purchases – The Cointelegraph

By Joshua Althauser    October 19, 2017

An Australian university has partnered with Blockchain startup to offer Ethereum-based rewards program. Students at the University of New South Wales (UNSW) will soon be able to earn Ether tokens for purchases made on-campus. The program runs from October 6 to November 20, 2017.

According to the startup’s managing director, Andrew Lowe, they are excited to monitor how the student members will respond to the program due to the sharp rise in the value of Ethereum.

“Last month, the value of Ether rose by 30%, so we’re excited to see how members respond to this type of loyalty currency vs. traditional approaches such as points. We’re confident they’ll find it much more engaging, but the research will give us a more definitive answer.”

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[PHOTOS] Hacking the Decentralized Future – HuffPost

By Ben Arnon, Contributor    October 19, 2017

The world’s largest Ethereum hackathon took place last weekend in Waterloo, Canada. 400 developers from 32 countries across the globe descended upon the Ontario city to work on projects, some of which may have monumental impact upon the world.

Vitalik Buterin demonstrates a mathematical formula on the whiteboard during ETHWaterloo.

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MIT Has Started Issuing Diplomas Using Blockchain Technology – Futurism

By Brad Jones    October 19, 2017


Since the school’s inception, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology has issued paper diplomas to over 200,000 students. This summer, a pilot program saw 111 graduates receive their credentials via a specially developed app, in addition to traditional means.

The Blockcerts Wallet app was developed by Learning Machine in conjunction with the MIT Registrar’s Office. It uses blockchain technology to give graduates easy access to verifiable, tamper-proof version of their diploma that they can share with potential employers.

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IEEE Releases First Study of Blockchain Adoption in the Pharmaceutical Industry – Pharmaceutical Technology

By Agnes Shanley    October 18, 2017

Blockchain, the digital ledger system that supports the digital currency, bitcoin, is being adapted and evaluated for use in a number of applications and industries, including banking and financial services. Efforts to use blockchain and technologies that it enables, such as smart contracts, in pharma are at an earlier stage, but there is a growing recognition that the decentralized platform could offer benefits, allowing supply chain partners to share and verify data in a secure IT environment that is difficult to hack into. Blockchain also allows users to choose the level of data anonymity they want to grant partners, depending on their strategic importance, and how important the data are to their supply-chain roles.

It comes as no surprise that electrical and electronics engineers, who would be crucial in developing blockchain solutions, are also studying its use in various industries and examining its potential in pharma and healthcare closely. On Oct. 17, 2017, the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) Standards Association disclosed that it had completed and would release its first benchmarking report, The State of Blockchain Adoption in the Pharmaceutical Supply Chain, for purchase in October 2017.

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Google, Citi Bank, and Goldman Sachs Among Most Active Blockchain Investors – Cryptovest

A CB Insights report says that Google and Goldman Sachs are among the most active investors in blockchain companies. The list includes others like SBI Holdings and Citi Bank.

By Anatol Antonovici    October 18, 2017

A CB Insights report shows that Goldman Sachs, Citi Bank and Google are among the biggest investors in blockchain related companies and projects. Year to date, corporations around the world have been involved in 42 equity investment agreements, with the cumulative amount of the deals reaching $327 million, which is slightly below the $390 million recorded in 2016.

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